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Women who learn the Art and Science of Irresistible Requests™ win more clients, strike bigger deals, and lead faster teams. Learn more about how you can shift your career, shift your mindset, and start asking for what you deserve.

Congratulations on taking the steps to begin making Irresistible Requests. Expressing oneself authentically and asking for what you want takes courage – and practice. The Community Connect + Share activities are designed to expand your comfort level and are an essential, proven aspect of the Irresistible Requests program. We have a thriving community on Facebook and would love to have you join us there to complete your activities. If you’re not keen on FB, no problem! We still have a way for you to get the proven value of practice. Just send an email with your responses to concierge@irresistiblerequests.com and Kate, your personal Champion for Success, will respond within 1 business day.

Request Redesign

Dream Bigger

No one wants to be greedy or pushy. So we learn to ignore our desires for more, shutting down more recognition, more impact, more love. This is a total misunderstanding of your inner voice and its intentions. The twinge of desire you feel is not selfishness. It’s your mind telling you, "You have so much more to give!" Let’s get to it already! You see, thinking big isn’t just about you. It’s thinking big for everyone involved. You’re expanding the possibilities for them.

Think big about what you really want. Write it down. Write down what you want on a BIG piece of paper, in BIG letters.

What do you want to happen here? Is it a request of someone on your team or inner circle? A request of someone you don’t know? A request of a competitor? A request for higher fees? A request for a business opportunity?

Have you thought about how they might play a part in your wish fulfillment?

Who are the people you know? Who do they know?

No need to edit or worry about having contradictory feelings. Just write all thoughts and concerns down.
Write down your conditions of satisfaction.

Request to write down how you will you know when this [request] is complete, finished, satisfactory. What will success look like? Paint a picture. Tell a story. Be specific about exactly how you will know when your request has been accepted and the mission is complete. What numbers are we looking at here? What’s the data?

Get as detailed as you can
Write down why it's advantageous for them.

Here's what I recently heard on the subject of asking: "Someone asked me to do something the other day, and I couldn’t believe it. Here’s what I thought: “I can’t believe she asked me to do that. She just changed what I thought was possible for both of us. She just expanded the possibilities for our relationship, and showed me that she’s committed to a greater outcome, and she sees me as a part of that. I am amazed, surprised and secretly delighted. Good for her!”

Creating an Irresistible Request is about making a connection between people and possibilities. Requires thinking from another's perspective. Think of someone you’ve been hoping to make a request of. What new opportunities could you present by making the request to them?

Write it down. How would the person you’re asking benefit from fulfilling your request? What’s in it for them? Make a list of every possible reason you can think of. Don't self-edit. No one else needs to see this yet.

Think big. It's ok to imagine if you must. Guessing is perfectly fine!